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Footpath Issues

    Furness Ramblers endeavour to ensure that the local Rights of Way Network is in good condition and easy to use.  We check for problems such as blockages or broken furniture, and alert the relevant authority if we find any.  We also review plans to create, divert or close paths which are submitted by Cumbria CC or the Lake District National Park.

       If you are aware of any footpaths problems in the Furness area, please report these to the Footpath Co-ordinator ( see Contacts page)


      There is a current project launched by the Ramblers National Organisation. This is the long-term "Lost Ways" project which will involve identifying historic rights of way, which, for one reason or another, are no longer shown on the definitive map. It is expected that this project can largely be undertaken by working from home, with visits to local libraries or archives.  It may therefore suit some of our members who no longer walk with the Group.

       If you would be interested in taking part in this project, then contact George Cubiss (Chairman) 


      In addition, we regularly undertake Footpath Surveys on behalf of the National Park, which entails walking nominated paths and reporting any damage or other issues.   If you would like to join an experienced surveyor on future exercises, please contact the Footpath Co-ordinator. Taking part in these surveys can introduce you to new areas of the National Park and also help to improve your map reading skills. 

          Last autumn we completed a survey which involved  checking all the paths and bridges in Eskdale Parish for the LDNP.  There were 85 paths in total, as well as 45 new bridge surveys.   



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